The course

What’s it all about?

POWER-LADIES is a practical, interdenominational, inspirational course and network for Christian women who want to experience God personally, understand the Bible better and live their faith in everyday life empowered by God.


History – His story

How it began?

Out of the blue God spoke to Christine Faber’s heart to start this ministry so she founded POWER-LADIES in 2018. She has been overwhelmed being allowed to be an eyewitness of all the amazing work God has done through it. Check her story on the author page.


The name

Why is it called POWER-LADIES? 

The name has nothing to do with being emancipated or getting ahead in business. It’s not about finding or using your own power. Instead, the name acknowledges the source of all power – God the Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit.

The crown that forms the middle of the word “power” in our logo is a symbol for Jesus as the King of Kings. He is at the center of everything, the source and giver of power and life.

You are the lady, of noble birth because you are a daughter of the Almighty, regardless of what earthly family you were born into and no matter how you see yourself or feel at the moment.

Between POWER and LADY is a hyphen binding the two words together, showing how inseparable the power and the lady are.

Although the name is in English, the project originated in Germany.


Contents of the course 

What will I learn from the course? 

The course will give you a deeper understanding of your identity as a daughter of the Almighty, so that you can live a beloved, worthy and inspiring life. The focus is not on doing, but on being. By practicing consciously listening to God, you will find His answers to the questions of your heart. Practical examples and exercises will help you discover the treasures the Bible holds and learn how to search for God’s guidance on your own. In deepening your loving relationship with your Lord, you’ll gain a solid foundation for your life. 


About the course 

How is the course organized? 

In addition to the 12 teaching units, the course includes key questions for you, your course partner (Power-Sister) and the group, as well as tasks for your own personal in-depth study and reflection. These are found in the POWER-LADIES Participant Workbook.

The course is offered in group (max. 12 women) or (coming soon) video format. The group course can be held live, online or in a combination of the two, and with or without an initial weekend session. The video course would be done in pairs and without regularly scheduled meeting times.

The POWER-LADIES course materials are designed in such a comprehensive way that they make it simple to lead a course yourself and help women around you strengthen their faith, too.



What is the course about? 

It’s about relationships. That’s why the POWER-LADIES materials are better suited for groups than for individual study. POWER-LADIES is based on personal relationships (with God and with the other participants), so you get the most out of it when you go through it together with others. The handbook/workbook is designed to be used differently from books meant for individual reading and study.  

Participation in the course benefits every woman, no matter how long and how intensively you have lived your faith up to this point. 



For which denominations is the course suitable? 

POWER-LADIES is an interdenominational Christian education program that strives to help Christian believers, groups and congregations grow in faith and practice the teachings of the Bible in daily life. 

Catholics and ladies from a wide variety of Protestant denominations (Baptists, Methodists, Pentacostals and many others) have participated in POWER-LADIES courses, and their feedback has always been positive. 

The foundation of our faith is the Bible, which we hold to be God’s Word. We believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died and rose again so that the sins of the faithful might be forgiven. We identify with the Apostles’ Creed.  

POWER-LADIES is a registered non-profit organization. 



What do participants say? 

The most common feedback upon completion of the course is: 

  • I feel a lot more relaxed. 
  • I have discovered a new love for the Word of God. 
  • I can better relate to my fellow human beings. 

Other comments include: 

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stock: “Rating: Very valuable, highly recommended!”  

(Member of the Convention of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany, General Secretary of the Association of Evangelical Denominational Schools and Daycare Centers (VEBS))  

“I am very impressed by Power Ladies, especially their video course. Christine Faber and her two co-authors have created Bible-based, very true-to-life materials that strengthen women on their journey of faith and in their identity. The authors call themselves “everyday Christians”, but their course shows that they have a very special gift as proclaimers and promoters of the faith. 

The course can be used in four ways: live (e.g. in your church!) or online, for adults or for teenagers.” 


Olga Gräfin Lüttichau: “Valuable and worthwhile investment of time!” (WERTESTARTER project manager) )

“I love learning, developing myself further and growing in my faith. That’s why I’ve already read many books and attended a lot of faith courses and events. The POWER-LADIES course has a wonderfully comprehensive breadth and at the same time depth that combines a lot of courses into one and promotes real growth.  

For me personally, the numerous Bible passages, key phrases (“Executive Summary”) and communal prayer were particularly valuable. When leading the course, it was great to have the videos and not have to present everything myself,  and to receive numerous tips on leadership.”