Getting started 

It’s really easy to lead a
POWER-LADIES group course.

You don’t need any sort of education or experience in leadership. It helps if you have already taken the course yourself, but even that isn’t required. You can simply start. You will be a blessing to others and, in so doing, be blessed yourself.

Please note:

  • Your course can have from 1 up to a maximum of 12 participants.
  • You are not permitted to ask for any form of payment for your work as a leader.

In the following you will find step-by-step instructions for leading your course:

1. Get the Leader manual

The manual provides detailed information that makes it easy for you to prepare your course. You can order your copy here: 

2. Decide on course parameters

a) Decide on a teaching method (person or video)

(Videos in the English language are currently being prepared, but are not yet available.)

You can read the teaching content from the leader manual or use the teaching videos – or combine the two methods.
The participants either prepare the lesson on their own before the meeting or go through it together during the meeting.

b) Choose the type of course

You can structure your course in various ways:

  • with or without an initial weekend session
  • at a specific location and/or online
  • meeting every week or every other week

Advantages and disadvantages of each are described in the leader manual.

Tip: If the participants are going to prepare the lessons on their own beforehand, we recommend meeting every other week

c) Choose the type of group

Decide whether your course is going to be open to everyone
On the form below, you’ll be asked whether you would like for your course to be open to all (open group) or private (closed group).

  • “Open courses” will be announced on the website, so that anyone interested can sign up for them. You then receive an e-mail.
  • “Private courses” don’t appear on the website.

d) Set a starting date

Select a day and a time for when the meetings should take place. (If you begin with a weekend session, we recommend that you wait a week before the first meeting, so that the ladies have enough time to digest what they learned.)

FYI: If you use the teaching videos (coming soon), Lesson 1 is not covered until the second meeting, which means that your course takes one week longer.

3. Access to the leader area

a) Register your course

Fill out the form below. Once your registration has been approved, you’ll receive an e-mail with your personal access code for the internal website area for leaders.

b) Log into the area for course leaders

There you will find numerous materials that are both helpful and practical, including:

  • Tips for implementation
  • Word formats that can be edited
  • Digital flyers
  • Info about the Power-Ladies weekend, such as tips for planning, preparation and implementation, schedule, packing list for what to take with you, etc.

4. Course materials

Organize getting the workbooks

Make sure that each participant has a participant workbook. (The “Affirmations” booklet and “Book of Treasures” are helpful, but not required).

The workbooks are available individually here:

5. Words from the Heart

Register your participants before the course begins

In the leader area of this website you’ll find a form you can use to register your participants – at the latest one week before the beginning of the course. As soon as the course begins, your ladies will automatically start to receive the “Words from the Heart” accompanying the course for each teaching unit. Their data will of course be treated confidentially.

6. Forms

To access the form please click on the “plus” sign:


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    Contact the support for leaders