These is some feedback from women who enjoyed the course:


  • I felt very honored to be able to lead this course. We really had an intensive, wonderful and supernatural time.

  • So, Power Ladies is great!

    The fellowship and exchange with the ladies and the new relationships that our Lord creates are simply divine.

  • During the course, I was in the middle of my divorce. These three “zeniths: forgiveness, healing, vision”, I was able to work on and receive as a gift in this course.

  • The POWER-LADIES course has made me shine. Jesus’ wonderful love shines through me in new ways. But not only through me, but through all the other participants on my course.

  • I was convicted of wrong thinking and acting and was allowed to realize that there is always a consequence if I do not behave according to God’s word.

  • I have learned to deal better with criticism.

  • It gives me incredible joy to see how others are strengthened and encouraged in their relationship with Jesus. This is precisely why I will soon be leading this course for the third time.

  • Through the course, I have learned to manage conflict differently by choosing “not to be offended”.

  • God flashed me with his ideal of beauty and I was able to discover even more how great God’s thoughts on womanhood are.

  • The course has made me much more aware of the potential God has placed in me, how lovingly he thinks of me, what he trusts me to do and what vision he has for my life.

  • I think it’s great that the course is so incredibly practical and relevant to everyday life. For me, it was just the right mix of encouragement and challenge.

  • The POWER-LADIES course strengthened my identity as a woman and gave me more insight into what God thinks about me. During the course, I learned to open up to other women of faith.

  • I immediately felt at home on the course and, above all, very accepted. My goal is to run a course in the near future because I firmly believe that my life has changed for the better.

  • The seminar gave me an unforgettable experience of what my identity in Jesus is. An important seminar that I would recommend to every Jesus-enthusiast.

  • The POWER-LADIES course can also be attended by working people and is very instructive! The proclamations listed in it bring real results!

  • POWER-LADIES brought me into a deeper relationship with God. I experienced that HE actually answers prayers – this gave me more confidence and security.

  • During the course, I was able to learn a lot about myself and my role in relationships, in the family, in the community and in the world. Above all, however, I was able to experience and renew my relationship with my Creator more intensively.

  • Through the course, I discovered a love for reading the Bible. The Bible – with all its truths. I am very grateful for that.