The 12 POWER-LADIES topics show you how God sees you:

Each topic is addressed on three levels to help you put what you have learned into practice in your everyday life and stay focused on Jesus’ love for you:

  • Teaching section: biblical content to be learned, with emphasis on practical application
  • Personal section: readings and activities for personal time with God, deepening what you have learned
  • Power-Sister section: inspiring time with another Power-Lady from the group, guided by key questions provided

The subdivisions of the course can be seen in our motto:

You are a Power-Lady: beloved, worthy, inspiring 

Spiritual Growth 


1. You are on your way – beginning the journey together
(Introduction, the meaning of blessing)

2. You are precious – polishing a raw diamond
(God’s Word, discovering the Bible )

3. You go beyond the natural – enjoying your new identity in Christ
(The story of salvation, the New Covenant, living with the Holy Spirit)

4. You are a woman – discovering your beauty
(Internal and external beauty, dealing with beauty)

5. You are loved – the apple of your Father’s eye
(Different kinds of love, the character of God, being a child of God )



6. You are complete – equipped and enabled by God
(Being called, empowered and given all you will need, detecting lies you believe and replacing them with God’s truth )

7. You are relationship oriented – the natural and the spiritual family
(Relationships from a biblical perspective)

8. You are strong – living in unity with Jesus
(Receiving and building upon strength from God, investing strength)



9. You are loving – passing love on to others
(Equipped to love, called to love, how to love in a practical way)

10. You are devoted – serving with love and joy
(Heart, attitude and number of ministries; serving within the perspective of eternity)

11. You are a role model – leading by example
(Role models, finding God’s vision, becoming an inspiring example)

12. You are a Power-Lady – looking back and looking ahead
(Feedback and future plans)


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