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Meetings: weekly for 12 consecutive weeks

Where: on-line on Zoom

Course Start: September 5, 2024 through November 21, 2024
5 pm – 7 pm (US time PST) or
7 pm – 9 pm (US time CST) or
8 pm – 10 pm (US time EST)

Alternative online courses to suit your demand

If there are currently no suitable courses on site or online, maybe there are enough women who want to date for another suitable time. If you are interested in taking part in a course in this way in the near future, please let us know using the form below.

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    Spiritual Growth

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    starting September 5, 2024 and grow in faith!


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      Please obtain the Participant Workbook before the start of the course. You will need it to be part of the course.

      Video course  (coming soon)

      The teaching content of the video course is the same as that of the group course, just “packaged” differently.

      • You can do the course with one other lady (e.g. pair up with a friend who will also be your Power-Sister) and be freer with scheduling.
      • You learn the teaching content on your own by watching the videos.

      If you are interested in the video course you can sign up for our Good News E-mail to keep updated as the video course is not available yet.

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        Not able to find the right course for you? 

        Then use the POWER-LADIES teaching materials to start your own course! It’s not complicated, so even women with no leadership or course experience can do it. Inform yourself here.

        Things you should know

        • Adult women of every age and Christian denomination are invited to take part.
        • If you want to participate, you can use the online form to sign up for the course of your choice and receive further information about it. (see dates on top of this site)
        • You need a participant workbook for the course. You can order it depending on your country here  .

        The POWER-LADIES course will enrich your life. Take the time to do it; it’s worth it!

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