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Enjoy learning and fellowship

POWER-LADIES is about relationships. That’s why we focus on encounters with God and with your sisters in the faith. Up to 12 women and 1 or 2 leaders meet with each other to work through the course material together. Sharing ideas, opinions and experience further deepens the message, and personal questions can be addressed. 



Course models 

Choose the type of course that best suits you 

Courses are offered in a variety of formats: 

  • Online or live (or a mixture of the two) 
  • With an initial weekend session (as a brief “time-out” at a vacation spot, in a church or community center or in private accomodations), followed by 9 regularly scheduled meetings 
  • Without an initial weekend session (12 meetings, one per week or every other week) 



The course contains 12 lessons. You can find more information about their content in the course topics.

You will experience each topic in three ways that will enrichen your everyday life and help you to keep Jesus’ love in mind.

Teaching Time

You meet in a small group. The teaching part is either read out by the leader or the teaching videos are used. You discuss the teaching part together. The meeting usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Individual Time

So that you can better absorb the content, there is a suitable personal time for each lesson. It is a time for you with God, His Word and sharing with Him. You can go through these individually for yourself until the next meeting.

Power-Sister Time

During the course you will have a power sister with whom you will form a pair. You will meet once for each lesson. Based on key questions, you discuss the topic and how what you have heard can be put into practice in your everyday life. You also take time for prayer. This often leads to friendships that last beyond the course.

BY THE WAY: You can also simply use the course material to start a course yourself with local women, for example in a home group or with friends. Find out more.

Experience God on various levels



Take time for yourself and God!

Every day, appointments, tasks and media fight for your attention. In the process, what is important often gets lost: your relationship with God! Treat yourself to a few weeks of consciously focusing on Jesus with the POWER-LADIES course.

The aim of the course is to help you grow in your relationship with God. For this you need TIME. In order for you to get the most out of the course, it is helpful that you create space for yourself, for example by putting other activities on hold for the duration of the course. You will need time for the meeting, but also for in-depth reading, sharing and, if necessary, your treasure book.

It is worth it! This encounter course will strengthen and inspire you to master your everyday life with strength and joy, secure in God’s love.

Don’t let everyday life rob you of your blessings


Good to know

Here are the most important facts at a glance

  • Women of all ages and Christian denominations are invited to take part.
  • If you would like to take part, you can register for the respective course using the form and receive further information (Dates & Registration).
  • You will need a participant booklet for the course, which you can purchase in the forHim store.

Taking part in the POWER-LADIES course will enrich your life.

Take your time, it’s worth it


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