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Course participation

I want to participate but … ?

You will not become a different person, nor a expert theologian, nor will you find a solution to all your problems. It is likely, however, that your enthusiasm for discovering the Bible will increase, your awareness of the love of God will deepen, and your joy, peace and trust in God and caring about others will grow.

That depends on the rhythm of the course.

Generally, the 12 sessions are held weekly over a period of three months.

Usually, holidays are skipped in order to honor family times. However, your course instructor may confer with the group about what they prefer before making a final decision on less important holidays.
Notify your instructor in advance. If you are attending an online course, there may be a recording you can listen to later. You can also ask your power-sister to show or tell you the key phrases so that you can copy them into your manual.

If you and she live too far apart, calls or video calls are a popular alternative to meeting in person.

If your schedules don’t go together at all, ask your instructor for her advice. It may be possible to swap with another power-sister pair.

If you want to start a new course, yes! You are warmly welcomed to begin a course together with friends of yours, regardless of whether you are the leader or a participant yourself. Just keep in mind that each participant is required to register separately, and everyone needs their own manual.

If you want to invite her/them to an ongoing course, ask your instructor. Since joining the study requires a manual and builds on previous sessions, it’s best to attend from beginning to end. Rather than joining mid-way, we recommend attending the next course – perhaps one that you lead yourself!

Check our website at a later point in time. Other courses may be offered in a few months. You can also email our office and request to be notified as soon as another course is offered.

We are happy to send you a participant’s certificate upon request. Simply send us an e-mail.

You can start a course of your own! Invite friends and share what you’ve learned. This is what Jesus intended us to do …

Conditions and prerequisites

Is the course suitable for …

All ladies are warmly welcome to join. One of our participants in Germany is blind and we are particularly grateful that she overcame the obstacles given by our text-heavy course and now even contributes to encouraging others by leading courses herself. Likewise, we would love to enable you to participate and support you however possible. Do let us know how we can assist you. If you have concerns questions, please feel free to ask!

We want to be transparent, so as not to frustrate expectations. For non-Christians, other programs may be much better suited to address topics and questions relevant to them. We still welcome any lady who would like to join, but having faith in Christ, being interested in the Bible’s message and accepting its usefulness and applicability for us today is helpful in order to receive the most benefit from the course

First you should know that regardless of her language skills, each woman can only ever process what she understands and responds to in the course. If you repeat the course later, you’ll discover new aspects that are relevant to you at the time. So don’t worry.
And we are in the process of translating the course into other languages: Portuguese and Spanish are currently in the works and other languages are planned as well.

Course material

I want to know …

No. Without a manual, you would miss the readings and weekly questionsyou’re your power-sister time and personal time. The manual allows you to read the extensive content along with whoever is presenting it and read Bible verses out loud during our time together. It gives you a nicely structured, illustrated guideline, with room for notes and highlighting, and provides extra lines to copy the key phrases which will be shared aloud during our sessions.

For the first session, having a manual is not as important as for the following sessions. If you meet in person, you might be able to share with your neighbor. If you meet online, you could take notes and copy them into your manual later.

In our very first course, we only had bullet points, but the ladies requested to have the teaching printed in full because they couldn’t keep up with taking notes and didn’t want to miss a word! Experience shows that some power-ladies treasure their manual so much, they still read it years after the course is over.

The course manual is the only thing you need, apart from a Bible (online or in print) for your personal time.

Yes, it’s available in the original German and additionally in Portuguese. See our German website: or the Portuguese version.

We are working on making the POWER-LADIES course available in Portuguese and Spanish as well.

Course content

What can I expect with reference to …

We use the Bible and aim for open-mindedness that welcomes and encourages Christians of all denominations.

We do not have degrees in theology. We are only laypeople who love Jesus. That is why we asked theologically educated people to proofread and correct the contents. But we and our work are fallible, so we ask all participants to use their minds and Bibles to test everything and keep only the good. Since the beginning, we have always encouraged participants to ask questions and give constructive criticism, and the course has benefitted a lot from both.

First, because of our structure. We encourage active participation in local congregations rather than trying to lure people away from their local church. Our aim is to strengthen the body of Christ in its beautiful multiplicity, to support Christians wherever they are, and to unite rather than divide.

Second, because of our attitude towards money. We cultivate gratefulness and generosity. Our purpose is to serve God rather than to make money. Our practical aim as a NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] is to break even, and we work largely on a voluntary rather than paid basis.

Third, because we admit our imperfections. We know and confess that we make mistakes and are fallible human beings. We realize that only Jesus is perfect, and that only He is worthy of worshipping and following.

This course is not about the rights and power of women. We respect people of all sexes and attribute them equal value and potential for the kingdom of God. Our aim is to collaborate, not compete. Political aims of feminism are not addressed directly and are not a concern of this course.

POWER-LADIES was originally developed in Germany in 2016. Since then, it has reached hundreds of women from different backgrounds and denominations in Germany and beyond. The translation of POWER-LADIES into English has only recently been completed and we look forward to sharing the course with you!

Further questions

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please contact the office via e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you. See our contact details in the footer.