Our vision is that Christian women worldwide
take hold of their God-given identity,
pass on love
and be a blessing to those around them through God’s power.

Our vision is
for Christian women worldwide
to experience true love
and pass it on,
so that God’s community of believers grows.

When God gave Christine Faber the task of founding POWER-LADIES, He also gave her the motto: “Experience true love and pass it on – in Jesus.” Co-author Yvette Berg van Groeningen had the same message in her heart: “When I get to know Jesus and His love better, then a lot of life’s problems, big and small, solve themselves and I gain more influence over them.” Sonja Plapper, the third co- author, was inspired to formulate the core topics of Christianity in a practical and personal way so that “with the help of the Bible, many women can recognize God’s perspective on them and their lives and learn to see themselves as God sees them.”


The course has the following goals:

Power-Ladies are beloved.

  • Women believers recognize their identity and worth as beloved daughters of the King.
  • They deepen their loving relationship with God.

Power-Ladies are worthy.

  • They discover their potential and grow in following Jesus.
  • They learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and to use the Bible to examine what they hear and are taught.

Power-Ladies are inspiring.

  • They are encouraged to actively align their hearts and lives with the Word of God.
  • They learn to pass God’s love on to others, in word and in deed, and to put it into practice in their daily lives.
  • They can become leaders themselves, using the material to start their own courses.

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