Topics most women deal with,
explored from a biblical perspective

This Bible-based POWER-LADIES course has been enriching the lives of women in Europe for more than 3 years and is now branching out into the rest of the world. Join our initial “pioneer” course in English and become one of the first women in America to experience how POWER-LADIES dives into 12 select topics that are highly relevant to your life as a modern Christian.


Discover how God empowers you.
You are a Power-Lady!

You are beloved

Marvel at how much God loves you as an individual. Experience Him speaking to you directly, through His Spirit and His Word. Deepen your personal relationship with Him and feel impassioned to love and trust Him even more in return.

You are worthy

Discover your God-given dignity as a daughter of the King of Kings. Recognize how the Holy Spirit equips you to live your daily life with God and for God, filled with His power and peace.

You are inspiring

Find out what adventures God is calling you to. Enjoy the fulfillment of walking hand in hand with Jesus on the path He has prepared for you.

Become a beacon to others, since what you have to offer can greatly enrich their lives.


Course details

Meetings: weekly for 12 consecutive weeks

Where: on-line on Zoom

Course Start: March 28, 2024 through June 13, 2024
5 pm – 7 pm (US time PST) or
7 pm – 9 pm (US time CST) or
8 pm – 10 pm (US time EST)

Participant Workbook

The course itself is free of charge (donations welcomed).

You need the workbook in order to participate.

You can order your Participant Workbook


For course promotion or invitations you may use this Handout with the list of the 12 topics and the basic messages of the course content – characterized by the POWER-LADIES motto.

Spiritual Growth

Learn more about yourself and God –
through these 12 lessons:

Each lesson consists of three parts:

Teaching section: biblical content to be learned

Personal section: readings and activities for personal time with God

Power-Sister section: inspiring time with another Power-Lady from the group

The group meets for the Teaching section (1.5 to 2 hours); Personal Time and Power-Sister meetings are done outside the group.




You are on your way – beginning the journey together



You are precious – polishing a raw diamond

God’s Word, discovering the Bible


You go beyond the natural – enjoying your new identity in Christ

The story of salvation, the New Covenant, living with the Holy Spirit


You are a woman – discovering your beauty

Internal and external beauty, dealing with beauty


You are loved – the apple of your Father’s eye

Different kinds of love, the character of God, being a child of God




You are complete – equipped and enabled by God

Being called, empowered and given all you will need, detecting lies you believe and replacing them with God’s truth


You are relationship oriented – the natural and the spiritual family

Relationships from a biblical perspective


You are strong – living in unity with Jesus

Receiving and building upon strength from God, investing strength




You are loving – passing love on to others

Equipped to love, called to love, how to love practically


You are devoted – serving with love and joy

Heart, attitude and number of ministries; serving in the perspective of eternity


You are a role model – leading by example

Role models, finding God’s vision, becoming an inspiring example


You are a Power-Lady – looking back and looking ahead

Feedback and future plans


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    Alejandra & Suzanne

    Dallas, TX, USA


    Power-Ladies are beloved – worthy – inspiring